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ENIGMA's Triumphant Return to The Limelight

Over 25 years since the release of the ground-breaking debut ENIGMA album, MCMXC a.D.,and after 8 years since the last studio album release, Michael Cretu has announced a long-awaited brand new Enigma album – The Fall Of A Rebel Angel.The album became available in digital retailers from August as a pre-order, the official release date for all the retail channels is set to November 11, 2016. On October 10, the first single and instant great download “Sadeness (Part II)” — a sequel to the project’s most notable and successful hit “Sadeness (Part I) will become available. The Fall Of A Rebel Angel weaves together twelve conceptual, chapter-like tracks into one cohesive, conceptual and compelling story. The music paints a picture of a protagonist’s progression, growth, and ultimate evolution. Created with the diehard fan base in mind, the record confidently stands at the intersection of classical influences, dubstep, chant, intriguing vocals, and whirling, wild emotions. Grammy and Echo-award-winning writer, Michael Kunze, has created the story in words to accompany the music – which will be featured in its entirety on the album’s multi-lingual Special Edition. In addition, Wolfang Beltracchi, one of the greatest and most controversial painters of our times, has crafted the album’s artwork in addition to 12 original paintings, each to accompany the 12 album “chapters”. Cretu said:

I have tried to transfer the spirit of Enigma’s beginnings to the here and now, but in a new musical language. The album tells the story of a symbolic journey to redemption – with everyone to define his individual path


01. Circle Eight
02. The Omega Point
03. Diving
04. The Die Is Cast
05. Mother
06. Agnus Dei
07. Sadeness (Part II)
08. Lost In Nothingness
09. Oxygen Red
10. Confession Of The Mind
11. Absolvo
12. Amen


For album’s audio preview click here


The album comes in four different configurations:



jewel case, 28 page booklet including 12 paintings

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Limited Deluxe

2CD including narrated story, digipack, 40p extended booklet

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Limited Super Deluxe

deluxe version, signed picture frame, exclusive online content (available only in a few EU countries)

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LP Vinyl

gatefold, 16p booklet including 12 paintings

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This time Michael Cretu wanted to again create something extraordinary. It’s his eighth album, and eight is known to be a very special number. It represents a new beginning and eternity. To Christians the number eight is sacred and Maori see it as the sign of kinship. For Enigma it means perfection.

The Fall Of A Rebel Angel tells the story of no one and everyone. Our “hero” is a human being like you and me. One day nothing seems like it used to be. He feels monitored and not in control of his destiny. He’s scared and does not know of what and why. His life seems to slip away from him. While navigating through an imaginary town he has experiences that change him. He meets a priestess whose God is Marquis de Sade – a continuation of the legendary Sadeness (Part I) from the first Enigma album, MCMXC A.D. While wandering restlessly through this new world he learns that sexuality has nothing to do with luck, that faith no longer lives in cathedrals and death doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. These experiences give him the strength to let his passivity go. He destroys his own reflection in the water of a lake and accepts responsibility for his life.

To tell this story, Michael Cretu’s music summons childlike wishes, dreams, visions and imagery drawn from memory. With quotes from religious texts, literature and pop culture, it leads the listener through a coloured labyrinth of the subconscious in search of identity and security in a world that is cold, dangerous and indifferent to the individual. One can always imagine a distant cry for love within the soundscapes of this album.

The Fall Of A Rebel Angel is the musical parable of a sensitive artist’s view of the human condition. The twelve musical chapters are based on an epic poem of the writer and playwright Michael Kunze included in the album. 13 paintings of Wolfgang Beltracchi, the genius painter who had to hold up a mirror to the world of art before he got the praise he deserves, complement them.

Enigma is a constant in the fast paced world of pop music. The gaps between his releases are long. The spirit and the ambition of The Fall Of A Rebel Angel build a bridge back to the first Enigma album and also lead the way into the future. Michael Cretu’s new masterpiece was worth the long wait.

It was not three years this time, not six. But Eight.



– source, EnigmaSpace