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Enigma Special

Procedamus In Pace

by Capella Antiqua Munchen
used in "Sadeness pt I"

The Rivers of Belief

The Returning Silence mix
E1 Limited Edition

Sanctus XVIII

Gregorian chant
used in "Prism of Life"

Principles of Lust

The Omen Mix
Limited Edition CD Single

Age of Loneliness

Tosonguyn Oroygoor
(The Summit of Mount Toson)

Puer Natus Est Nobis

The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo (used in "The Child in Us")


Promotional EP
(final demo version)


Bonus Track
E7 Limited Edition

Downtown SIlence

Bonus Track
E7 Limited Edition


Bonus Track
E7 Japan Edition

We are nature

Bonus Track
E7 Limited Edition

MMX (The Social Song)

A collaborative fan song
in honor of Enigma's 20th anniversary

Look of Today

Promotional EP
(final demo version)


Promotional EP
(final demo version)

Following The Sun

Promotional EP
(final demo version)

Almost Full Moon

French Single Edit

Message From IO

Michael Cretu mix
(E7 DVD Version)

The Experience

The Screen Behind The Mirror (Demo) - lower sound quality

Seven Lives

Instrumental Version
For ARD channel

Camera Obscura

Chorus played in reverse mode,
Michael Cretu on vocals

20,000 Miles Over The Sea

BocaJunior Mix - edit
exclusively on iTunes

Enigmatic Encounter

ATB feat. Enigma
released 1999

Seven Lives Many Faces (Advert)

Enigma & MTV
Exclusive Pre Listening - Promo

Seven Lives Many Faces DVD

Internet promo teaser

MCMXC a.D - MTV advert

1991 MTV advertisement

Platinum Collection

German TV advertisement

Mustang Jeans 1998

TV Commercial 1998
Enigma "The Roundabout"

15 Years After EPK


E3 - TV advert

Le Roi Est Mort Vive Le Roi!
TV advertisement 1996

LSD Planetarium Show

Promo Trailer 2001

LSD Show
(Making of)

Making Of LSD Planetarium Show

LSD - TV advert

German TV advertisement 2001

Modern Crusaders

La Femme Nikita (TV Series)
'Sleeping With The Enemy'

Remember The Future

Internet Teaser 2001

E4 - TV Advert

The Screen Behind the Mirror
France 2000

Trilogy Boxset
TV Advert

France 1998

E5 - TV Advert

Voyageur TV advertisement
France 2003

Parliament CIgarettes

TV Commercial Argentina 1998
Enigma "The Roundabout"

Pure Moods CD

U.S. TV Commercial

German TV 1992

Bitte Umbl├Ąttern Germany 18.06.1992

E7 - EPK

Seven Lives Many Faces EPK

DW-TV Interview

Euromaxx Dossier

LSD - TV advert

French TV advertisement
(the vision goes slower than the sound)

Beyond The Invisible

ENIGMA - Beyond The Invisible
La Femme Nikita 'Rescue' (TV Series)

Gravity of Love

Jennifer Lynn - Enigma cover

Andru Donalds - Gravity Of Love

Enigma cover live 2014

Andru Donalds - Gravity Of Love

Enigma cover live

Morley Spowage - Why

Enigma cover

Enigma - Morphing Thru Time

Jakub Fijak mix

The O'Neill Brothers Group - The Child in Us

Enigma cover

Yurka Tim - Beyond The Invisible

Enigma cover

Future Prophecies - Why

Enigma cover (Luke Selfhood Liquid Mix)

Tranceparence - Beyond the Invisible

Enigma cover

Lantai Acoustix - Return To Innocence

Enigma cover

Andru Donalds - Out From The Deep

Enigma cover

Giovonni Riggens - Return To Innocence

Enigma cover

Solo Gitarista - Sadeness

Enigma guitar cover

The Emo Debut - Return To Innocence

Enigma cover

D Nylon 2 - Sadeness

Enigma cover

Flegethon - Sadeness

Enigma cover from the dark hell ...

Ganymede - Return to Innocence

Enigma cover

Ivan Torrent - Dandelion

Tribute to Enigma

Gregorian - Sadeness

Enigma cover

Andru Donalds - Seven Lives

Enigma cover (live)

Neizvesten Bizimkiler 3.0 - Return to Innocence

Keecko Yanga - Return to Innocence

Enigma cover

Lebel Cedric - Mea Culpa (reprise)

Enigma guitar cover

Enigma - Sitting on the moon (Mix)

Mixed by Piotr Sounder Lewandowicz

Codestation - Following The Sun

Enigma cover

Andru Donalds - Boum Boum

Enigma cover - live in Moscow 2012

V.K. - Gravity of Love

Enigma cover (dubstep version)