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20 years of “Le Roi Est Mort,Vive Le Roi”

On 25 November, third Enigma album “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi” officially turns 20 ! It’s hard to believe the time flies so fast 🙂 In order to commemorate 20th anniversary of this classic Enigma style album, have prepared a surprise for all fans. It’s also an alternative way to support a new album’s (The Fall Of A Rebel Angel) internet promotion trying to get the attention of past Enigma enthusiasts who lost a connection with Enigma some time ago, also to attract potentially new people.

We hit on an idea to create a YouTube music video for one of the songs from “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi” album which never had any official radio or video promotion. After having analyzed YouTube statistics in January 2016 we found out that there is one Enigma song from E3 that receives a very positive feedback and very good reviews from non-Enigma fans and its ratio between likes/dislikes is one of the best from all Enigma songs ever! In 1996-1997 Enigma released only two video singles having missed at least two good songs from E3 album to represent and to promote that album more effectively than the previous two singles. Now, 20 years after it’s a good time to go back to E3 again and let the other tracks shine, in particular the one we have created the video for :-). Not revealing the song title yet all we can say is that although the video is fan-made like, it’s been edited by a guy who did it professionally a good couple of times so it looks really nice. The visual theme (bright, joyful and a little elevated) matches the song theme as well. It will contain some visual references to “The Eyes of Truth” video. The picture at the very top is a small snippet directly from our surprise-video :-). I hope you Enigma fans like it and support its promotion on YouTube by sharing it extensively on your FB timelines.

In addition to the video, there will be a contest with a very original, boho prize – with relation to “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi” artwork of course :-). More to come after the new Enigma album premiere (probably one week after 11/11).