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ENIGMA 3 Anniversary – “The Child In Us”

Ok guys, let make the things happen a bit quicker :-). As already mentioned before, in conjunction with eighth Enigma album release we are getting out an “audio-video postcard” from the past in order to commemorate 20 years of third Enigma album “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi”.  For many of you, this album was the one where your multiannual journey with Enigma began. ENIGMA 3 is also a very special one as it combines the spirit and musical themes of the two previous albums (MCMXC a.D and The Cross Of Changes).

While waiting for the latest Enigma offering (E8) please go back to the old Enigma sounds…that are everlasting for many of us. We have decided to put “The Child In Us” in the spotlight to make up a little the things that didn’t happen in 1997 when this song was considered as a promotional (video) single. Personally I do believe this song would have hit the number three spot for all-time Enigma international hit if it had been released as a video single back in 1997. We can’t turn back the time but what we can do is to expose that song once again to people who love good meaningful music. We’ve created a video for this song to be able to reach YouTube audience. The video has some hidden messages that each of you need to interpret in his/her own way. To get to know more about the album and a song please visit our CHAPTERS and INSPIRATIONS section.

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