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Enigma 3 Anniversary – the contest

The autumn-winter time is the best time to carry out some contest for Enigma fans. is just about to launch two contests to be valid for the next couple of weeks.

First one we have already pre-announced before. It’s associated with the 20th anniversary of the Enigma album “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi“. The prize to grab is a beautiful handmade mosaic artwork that was made exclusively for us by Abby Lee, see her profile in Observatory section. This art-work is based on the E3 theme (cover of the “Beyond The Invisible” single):


And what do you need to do to win it ? Simply, solve our online quiz game (Community section in the navigation bar) that requires to answer 20 questions. You will get multiple choice answers a,b,c,d but only one answer for each question is correct. The contest is planned to end on 30 December with a winner to be announced on 31 December 2016. Please also note that :


  •  You are allowed to fill the quiz only once. Once you do it, you won’t be able to repeat the quiz as there is a restriction applied to prevent it ( for both registered or unregistered users).
  • Once noticed this rule has been infringed = the same user participated twice in the quiz, his/her entry will be dismissed.
  • There are 20 questions and for each of them you are given a certain number of points depending on the value of the question (min. 1, max 3 points)
  • All registered users will be added to the leaderboard automatically at the time of completion. All non registered users will be asked to input their name or nickname including a valid email address. Email address won’t be displayed on the leaderboard, it’s only for our information so we can know who to contact with in case you are the winner.
  • The winner is the person who reaches the spot number one on the leaderboard by the end of 30 December 2016. If it should happen there is more than one person at number one position (=they hold the same number of points), the winner will be drawn at random by the administrator.

Good Luck and enjoy the quiz 🙂