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Abby Lee - mural and mosaic artworks, drawing and                        illustrations


Abby Lee is a Hong Kong artist, Graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (major in Scenic art). She specializes in mural and mosaic artworks, also dealing with drawing and illustrations. Please see her impressive Enigma 3 theme work she made, making use of mosaic elements and ceramic precisely. Here’s her website.

Her work with “Beyond the Invisible” cover theme has been performed for the first time exclusively for thevoiceofenigma.com





Valeria Prieto - illustrator, graphic designer, painter,                                      jewelry design/artisan


Valeria is a very talented artist of new generation, Graduate degree in Graphic Design at the Institute of Architecture, Design and Art at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. She served as a fine arts teacher, theorist and photography since 2001. She is a collaborator from 2001 to the present in several short films along with visual artist and Grammy nominee for best video edition Javier Ventura.

She currently works as independent illustrator, graphic designer and jewelry design/artisan. Valeria Alejandra Prieto has presented work in countries like Canada, Serbia, USA, Argentina and Mexico.

I’m Valeria Alejandra, I live in the US, Iowa State since 2012, but i was born in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México. Everything I know about photography I learned through books, since my childhood I liked to see books or magazines with pictures and paintings. I’ve been always surrounded by colors, papers and a bunch of crafty material to create, even when they were not considered as “art supplies” but I love to make art with lot of things. I don´t have a specific style because I like to make different things, give different looks, but I love to work with natural elements like animals, gemstones, faces and flowers. I love to mix my images on a surrealistic way, I love to work with watercolor, graphite, ink, color pencils, acrylic and oils. I enjoy to work on cotton paper, wood or natural leaves.  Also I like to make digital illustration, retouching my physical work or start from zero on a digital canvas. (…) My jewelry is handmade and I work with natural flowers, real nature cruelty free and also I do paintings on my pieces, I like to use raw and polished gemstones. My style is a mix of lot of styles: Victorian,  Gothic, Celtic, Medieval, and a Bohemian.

Below,  we present a short sample of her talent featuring her Enigma inspired works (not all). We encourage to visit her website to see a full range of her photo, design and art works including jewellery.





Giannis Rallis

Giannis comes from Greece, Athens and he is a big fan f Sandra and Michael Cretu. In autumn of 2015 he participated in the Enigma Social Song event (to celebrate Enigma’s 20th anniversary) – he submitted his proposals for the “(MMX) Social Song” front cover. We found them really interesting and definitely they must have required more work and effort than the one who actually won 🙂 :




Lena Wybraniec

Lena made a drawing exclusively for thevoiceofenima.com – the initial idea was to use it as a main graphic theme on our website (homepage) but later the plans changed and the drawing was used as a digital poster only to support the promotion in social media.