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Andru Donalds

Andru Donalds was born in Kingston (Jamaica) 16 November 1974. His musical style ranges from Pop, Rock ’n’ Roll to Reggae and Ballads. His influences are Prince, The Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, & Black Uhuru.

Upon leaving school at the age of 18 Andru travelled to England, the Netherlands and New York, in order to develop his musical abilities as singer and songwriter. He met the producer and songwriter Eric Foster White, who had hits with stars such as Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Jessica Simpson, Julio Iglesias, Backstreet Boys, Regina Belle, Hi-Five and Boyzone. Together they produced the debut album “Andru Donalds” in 1994, having Pop & Rock’ n’ Roll styles on it. The two platinum singles from this – “Mishale” and “Save Me Now” – became successful worldwide.

In April 1998 Andru Donalds received a call from Michael Cretu. While on vacation in Greece Cretu was relaxing on the beach, listening to radio. When he suddenly heard Andru’s Mishale, that moment he realized he wanted to engage the singer for his Enigma project. The outcome was that they collaborated not only on Enigma albums but also on two solo albums. Andru’s 3rd album “Snowin’ Under My Skin”, released in 1999, it has got real Enigmatic feel mixed in Pop & Rock styles. Produced by Michael Cretu & Jens Gad. It included two hit singles: “All Out of Love” (Air Supply cover) which achieved international platinum status and single “Simple Obsession” which became golden.










“Let’s Talk About It”, his 4th album was released in 2001, it got more Reggae grooves yet Enigmatic in comparison to the previous album with Michael Cretu & Jens Gad. It featured the single “(I’m Not Your) One Night Lover”. Five years after since the last solo album, in 2006 Andru released a “Best Of” album compilation and continued his career collaborating with other artists and producers. His last contribution to Enigma was in 2008 for “Seven Lives Many Faces” album.










The below albums were produced by Michael Cretu and Jens Gad:


Snowing Under My Skin (1999)

Precious Little Diamond (2000)

Let's Talk About It (2001)