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The voices

Michael Cretu

The Voice, The Music, The Lyrics (1990 - now)

Michael is the man behind the Enigma. He is the project’s mastermind, a producer, the sound engineer, a composer and a writer. All in one. In 1990 by releasing a single “Sadeness”, he brought into life a music project called “Enigma” blending spiritual electronic dance and pop music with Gregorian or ethnic chants, often accompanied with ambient and chill-out sounds. His vocals can be heard on such Enigma songs as “The Rivers of Belief”, “Silent Warrior”, “Beyond the Invisible”, “Why”, “Incognito”, “Goodbye Milky Way” and a few more.

It is also a fact that he sings on “Camera Obscura” and “Modern Crusaders” songs (E4) . On “Modern Crusaders” he definitely sings the first verse and chorus, the second part is sung by Andru, then the last chorus contains background vocals of them both.

Sandra (ex-Cretu)

The Voice (1990 - 2003)

Sandra was one of the most important and most sensual voices of Enigma between 1990-2003. The majority of her solo career was produced by her husband, Michael Cretu. Since she and Michael separated (to eventually get divorced in 2007) she hasn’t been involved in Enigma project anymore. The last solo album of Sandra that was produced by Michael Cretu is “The Wheel of Time” (2002). The last Enigma album she appeared on is “Voyageur” (2003).

Her voice and breathy-whispering can be heard on multiple Enigma songs, for example: “Sadeness”, “Principles of Lust”,
“I Love You I’ll kill You”, “T.N.T. For The Brain”, “Between Mind and Heart”,  “Turn Around” or “Voyageur”.

Andru Donalds

The Voice (1999-2008)

Andru Donalds is a Jamaican musician and vocalist with his own solo career, being produced by Michael Cretu on two occasions. Michael co-composed and arranged his two solo albums together with Jens Gad: Snowin’ Under My Skin (1999) and Let’s Talk About It (2001). Andre was involved in Enigma project as lead vocalist between 1999-2008.

His voice and vocals can be heard on multiple Enigma songs, for example: “Modern Crusaders”, “The Screen Behind The Mirror”, “Hello and Welcome”, “Seven Lives” or “J’taime Till My Dying Day”.

Ruth-Ann Boyle (Olive)

The Voice (1999-2008)

Ruth-Ann Boyle is an English pop music singer who became famous during the 1990s. Together with producers Tim Kellett and Robin Taylor-Firth, she formed the British band Olive. The band became world famous with “You’re not alone” hit single in 1997. After having heard her song “Miracle” on the radio, Michael Cretu invited her to Ibiza and shortly after, he offered her a participation on fourth Enigma album. Ruth-Ann co-worked with Michael until 2008, in the meantime she released in 2007 a digital format album (available via iTunes) “What About Us” produced by Michael Cretu.

Her vocals can be heard on such Enigma songs as “Gravity of Love”, “Silence Must Be Heard”, “Boum Boum”,”Following the Sun”, “Touchness” or “We Are Nature” (available only on limited edition of seventh Enigma album).

Louisa Stanley

The Voice (1990- now?)

Louisa was the secret British voice of Enigma between 1990-1996. She appeared again on Enigma’s seventh album “A Posteriori” in 2006 and it is likely that we might yet hear her again in the future. Louisa had been an executive at Virgin Records. She was a former head of TV promotion but she does no longer work for Virgin. She originally met Michael at the Virgin Records offices in Germany and a good few years ago she was believed to be still living in Frankfurt Germany according to Virgin officials.  Luisa Stanley remains a true mystery for all Enigma fans until these days.

Her narrative voice can be heard on such Enigma songs as: “The Voice of Enigma”, “Dream of the Dolphin”, “The Cross of Changes, “Prism of Life”, “Odyssey of the Mind”, “Dancing With Mephisto” or in the epilogue for “Goodbye Milky Way”.

Andreas Harde, Elisabeth Houghton, Margarita Roig, Sebastian & Nikita Cretu

The Voices (one-off album guest appearances)


Andreas Harde ,  E2 (1993): “Return to Innocence”

Elisabeth Houghton,  E4 (2000): “The Gate”, “Gravity of Love”, “Push the Limits”

Margarita Roig,  E7 (2008): “La Puerta Del Cielo”, “Between Generations”

Sebastian and Nikita Cretu, E7 (2008): “The Same Parents”


Jens Gad

The Music (1993-2003)

Jens Gad was born in 1966 in Munich. He is a German producer, songwriter and guitarist. He started making music at young age. He was engaged to Enigma in 1993 as a guitarist co-working with Cretu also for projects outside of Enigma throughout the 90s and further, like Sandra, T.A.A.W. or Andru Donalds. From 1999 he had more significant contribution to Enigma’s music as he dealt with sound engineering, production assistance,writing and remixing in addition to his core guitarist role.

His Enigma highlights, including songwriting are:  “Push the Limits”, “Traces (Light and Weight)”, “Silence Must Be Heard”, “Voyageur”, “Page of Cups” and “The Piano”. He is also the producer of many remixes not only for Enigma.

Peter Cornelius

The Music (1992-1996)

Peter Cornelius is an Austrian singer, guitarist and songwriter, born on January 29, 1951 in Vienna. Releasing a number of solo albums since 1979, Cornelius did an album with Michael Cretu in 1992 which was called “Cornelius + Cretu”. Although his contribution to Enigma project is not so extensive, he co-worked with Michael Cretu on numerous occasions outside of Enigma project. He is reported to be in a good friendship with Michael.  His top class guitar contributions to Enigma involve such songs as “I Love you I’ll Kill You” or “The Child in Us”. He also wrote the lyrics for Sandra’s “Mirrored In Your Eyes” and the music for her Enigma styled single “Steady Me”. He made a contribution to Andru Donald’s “Let’s Talk About It” album (sitar instrument).

David Fairstein

The Lyrics (1990-1996)

David Fairstein (his real name is Fabrice Cuitad) assisted Cretu with song writing (lyrics) for the first three Enigma albums. He wrote the lyrics for Sandra’s “No Taboo” (1992), he also co-operated with Sandra many years later, in 2007 by writing the music for three songs for her “The Art of Love” album, then he wrote the lyrics for two more songs of her that were released in 2009. His contribution to Enigma resulted in writing the lyrics for “Mea Culpa”, “I  Love You I’ll Kill You” and “The Dream of the Dolphin”. Together with Cretu, he co-wrote the lyrics for “Sadeness”, “The Rivers of Belief”, “Beyond the Invisible”, “The Roundabout”, “Prism of Life”.

Frank Peterson

The Music / Samples (1990)

Frank Peterson is a composer, producer, arranger, and sound engineer and he plays keyboard/synthesiser, piano, as well as guitar (acoustic and electric) and drums. He began learning to play piano at the age of 4! While working at the specialized music store he met up with Michael Cretu. He played the demo-tapes he had created to Cretu, who then invited Frank to come and work with him in Munich for Sandra. Peterson eventually ended up moving with them to Ibiza in 1989. During that period, Frank supported Cretu in the recording sessions for the new project – Enigma. For Enigma’s debut album MCMXC a.D. Peterson co-composed Sadeness and provided some musical ideas including bringing some sound samples. Frank eventually returned to Hamburg in 1990. The unofficial reason for Frank’s leaving is that he didn’t agree with Cretu on discontinuation of Gregorian chants theme on another Enigma album (The Cross of Changes).